cov·er·age /ˈkəv(ə)rij/
The act of covering while looking glamorously beautiful.
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cov·er·age /ˈkəv(ə)rij/

The act of covering while looking glamorously beautiful.


Who knew you can look so fabulous swimming in your CVRGE? No matter who you are, CVRGE is here for you!  Keeping you looking effortlessly stylish, sophisticated and modest at the pool, the beach or on any water-side getaway!  Elevate your style  while feeling comfortable and fabulous.  Our premium stretchy fabrics and  fun prints will show off your sophisticated, fun summer style while keeping your skin protected from the harsh sun!   CVRGE is UPF50+ rated, so you know you’re properly protected.  Get rid of your dumpy old bathing suit cover-up so you can feel and look amazing in your CVRGE!

CVRGE swimwear is curated with love and creativity and produced in limited editions in the heart of NYC.  It’s meticulously crafted with the highest quality fabrics, offering luxury and comfort for any destination or experience. We are committed to that!

We are passionate about bold color & graphic patterns and we believe that even the little details matter. CVRGE is hybrid- it was created to be worn in the water or lounging poolside, however, you may find yourself wearing your CVRGE to your next cocktail party- it’s that FABULOUS!! Most all of our pieces are mix-and-match so you can create a look that is all your own – be unique in your CVRGE!!

Some things we want you to know about CVRGE:

  • We are an all-women company—owned, operated and run by smart, talented and creative  women who think designing and selling modest swimsuits is our calling in life!!
  • Every order we receive is hand-picked by an actual person in our warehouse in Great Neck, NY And each package is shipped off to you with gratitude and love. Thank you for supporting our small business!
  • Each one our swim pieces comes shipped to you in a reusable bag – our commitment to being a sustainable fashion brand!!
  • All of our fabrics, trims and production of our swimsuits are sourced and produced in the USA, right in the heart of the garment district in NYC!!! We use a small family-run and operated factory in New York, because quality matters and there’s no better place than New York. We love that we can support the local New York economy, and appreciate the dedicated team that manufactures our suits–from cutting to sewing to packaging each suit.
  • We NEVER airbrush or alter our models to change their bodies. They are perfect the way they are. (And so are you!)
  • We believe in giving back. You can feel good about your purchase, knowing that a portion of all sales goes to a Charity which helps educate and free women in suffering abusive relationships.


At CVRGE we care deeply about the planet! When we think of pollution, we think of big oil companies and smog from coal mines—but the truth is, the fast fashion industry is one of the central polluting industries in the world. Not only is clothing production harmful to our planet, but the process also kills thousands of farmers and producers each year due to chemicals and waste.


At CVRGE we uphold the highest standards for people and the planet throughout its clothing manufacturing process.SInce we source fabrics in New York and produce our collection locally, we have a minimal carbon footprint and transparent supply chain.

Our product comes to you packaged in reusable, waterproof zippered clutch bags! It’s meant to be reused to store your wet swimwear when going and coming, but go ahead and use it to pack your beach essentials!


Feels pretty fabulous to protect our planet, HUH?



At CVRGE, we’ve been so blessed, we’re making it a priority to give back! That’s why a portion of your purchase goes to our favorite charities: ORA and Shalom Task Force, two organizations committed to helping and educating women facing domestic violence.


Click here for more!

Now you can do your good deed for the day when you purchase from us because every sale goes to help empower other women. That is a lot of good you’re doing. Feels fabulous, doesn’t it?

Quotes & Testimonials

What they said

Get Inspired

A Dose Of Wisdom

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

-Coco Chanel

Jenny J

"Modest & has such Bold Style!"

I finally found a swimsuit which is modest AND has such bold style!! I’m so happy with how weightless the fabric is in the water

-Jenny J.

Get Inspired

A Dose Of Wisdom

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful"

-Sophia Loren

Get Inspired

A Dose Of Wisdom

“The secret of great style is to feel comfortable in what you wear”

-Ines De La Fressange

Claudine S

"Water exercise in style"

I can finally do my water exercise in style! Knowing the materials have a UPF rating is a major bonus!! Thank you CVRGE!!

-Claudine S.

Caryn K

"The line is SO fashionable!"

The line is SO fashionable! I couldn’t resist!! It also wears so well especially when in the water. I love how fast it air-dries. Worth every penny!

-Caryn K.

Get Inspired

Words to live by

“Be the kind of woman that inspires other woman to step up their game”


Hannah C

"SO chic and comfy"

SO chic and comfy! ...and I go from the pool to restaurants without the need to change!! CVRGE is my new obsession!!

-Hannah C.

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