cov·er·age /ˈkəv(ə)rij/
The act of covering while looking glamorously beautiful.
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Modest Swim Bottoms – Style and Coverage

Modest Swim Bottoms – Style and Coverage

Modest Swim Bottoms

Modest Swim Bottoms

Modest Swim Bottoms | CVRGE Modest Swimwear, a local company specializing in superior quality modest swim bottoms, tops, full body suits and much more. Contact us today for exceptional service.

Modest Swim Bottoms | Quality Service

Modest swim bottoms are a popular choice among individuals who desire both style and coverage when hitting the beach or pool. These bottoms are designed to provide a more conservative and modest look, while still allowing individuals to feel comfortable and confident in their swimwear. With a wide range of styles and coverage options available, there is a perfect modest swim bottom for everyone.

High-Waisted Bottom

One popular style is the high-waisted bottom. These bottoms offer full coverage around the hips and lower abdomen, while also providing a flattering and figure-enhancing silhouette. The high-waisted style is perfect for those who prefer a little extra coverage in the midsection area, as it helps to smooth and shape the waistline.

Skirted Bottom

Another style that is gaining popularity is the skirted bottom. These bottoms feature an attached skirt that provides coverage for the upper thighs and bottom. The skirt adds a feminine and playful touch to the swimwear, while still maintaining modesty. Skirted bottoms are perfect for those who want to hide any areas they may feel self-conscious about, such as the upper thighs or bottom.

Swim Leggings

For individuals who prefer a more sporty and active look, swim leggings are a great option. These bottoms offer full coverage from the waist down to the ankles, providing protection from the sun and added warmth in cooler water temperatures. Swim leggings are perfect for water sports, such as paddleboarding or surfing, as they offer both style and functionality.

Coverage Options

Furthermore, there are a wide range of coverage options available to choose from. Our quality products come in a variety of coverage options to suit individual preferences. Some individuals may prefer a full-coverage bottom that offers maximum coverage and modesty. These bottoms provide ample coverage for the entire bottom area and are perfect for those who desire a more conservative look.

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Modest Swim Bottoms
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